Transforming Your Dream into Tangible Reality

Our team is an expert in creative design platforms that focus on creating visually appealing logos and engaging websites.

We aim to transform ideas into timeless pieces that reflect your brand’s essence, transforming them into a testament to your brand’s unique story.


Our Untold Story

Framing Ideas is a minority-woman-owned, small business. Framing Ideas is established by a group of passionate and talented designers. We want to provide exceptional design and digital services to businesses of all sizes at an economical price.

Why Only Us

Our Innovative
Approach to Branding

Unparalleled Expertise

Our leading brand design firm offers exceptional creative solutions, leveraging our team of seasoned professionals to create intricate logos and immersive websites.

Innovative Solutions for Your Brand

Our team provides innovative design solutions for your brand. We set trends and go beyond industry standards to ensure your designs stand out. Count on us to exceed expectations, delivering designs that not only meet but surpass industry benchmarks.

Personalized Partnership

Our company values unique brands and creates personalized partnerships with clients. We are creative allies, focusing on elevating our clients' success beyond service provision.

Why Only Us

Our Values

Creative Integrity

We’re steadfast in our commitment to creative integrity. Expect designs that are not only visually pleasing but also genuine. Our unique brand solutions make us stand out. Enjoy transparency in every step of the creative journey, showcasing our dedication to openness and teamwork.

Client-Centric Approach

Our approach centers around you: open communication, collaboration, and a deep understanding of your needs. We ensure designs go above and beyond expectations. Success is not just a goal but the ultimate measure of our achievement.

ous Growth

Our identity thrives on continuous growth and change. We stay ahead of industry trends, adapting to new technologies. This ensures our ability to deliver innovative designs that evolve with the dynamic landscape.


Our Team of Experts

Jinal Shah

Founder and CEO

Cait Von Schnetlage

Business Development Director

Cali Pargulski

Creative Director

Gabrielle Nagle

Head of Marketing Strategy and Analytics

Muhammad Nabeel Rajput

Head of Graphics Design

Asfand Akram

Head of Sales

 Shahzain Rajput

Head of Operations

Soban Ali Shaikh

Web Design and Technical Lead

Experts behind our masterpieces

Our Creative Team

  • Aaliyah Raven
  • Alexandra Justice
  • Amelia Davies
  • Angela Mayor
  • Anna Danie
  • Angelo Lewis
  • Bryn Walker
  • Carla Jones
  • Charlie Blake
  • Cherice Williams
  • Clara Henry
  • Derra Robinson
  • Diamond Carter
  • Edward Jenkins
  • Ellen Smith
  • Emma Jesse
  • Florence Johnson
  • Georgia Williams
  • Heather Jordyn
  • Jacob Atkinson
  • Jennifer Kessler
  • Jessica Williams
  • Kelvin David
  • Kiara Jones
  • Layla Thomas
  • Lauren Smith
  • Lindsey Ingram
  • Madison Taylor
  • Michelle Ross
  • Naomi Marie
  • Noah Evans
  • Oliver Clarke
  • Rachiel Desousa
  • Sandra Betts
  • Sarah Ashley
  • Shay Smith
  • Sofia Spencer
  • Stella Thomson
  • Tonya Trotter
  • Zayn Raj